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Topic Selection

Post  Ryan on Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:19 pm

The topic selection will be done a bit different from the last one, we will be having a little bit of a competition to decide what topics to feature here on Lakepower, we will also have a few extra additions to the topics

First and mostly importantly, only one topic will be selected to be have its own section

There will be a topic vote as usual, however, unlike before, each topic will be given "points" based on popularity

Votes for the topic count 10 points, but there are other ways to get the topic featured on Lakepower

Topics on the subject - 1 point for each topic
Hot topics on the subject - 2 points for each hot topic (counts as one extra point)
Topics by members with more than 20 posts - 1 extra point
Topics by members with more than 50 posts - 2 extra points
Topics by members with more than 100 posts -3 extra points
Topics by members with more than 500 posts - 4 extra points
Topics by members with more than 1000 posts - 5 extra points

In addition to this, each featured topic will have its own publicly joinable group, that gives you extra access to features on your favourite topic

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