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Forum Rules

Post  Ryan on Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:00 am

Welcome to Lakepower Forums! The rules of this forum are:

No Spamming
Nobody likes spam, the term "spam" means stupid pointless annoying messages. Violations of this include pointless nonsense, posts that are completely irrelovent to the subject, intentionally posting the same thing over and over again or blatantly advertising a website or forum. None of these are accepted.

No Double Posting
When replying to a thread, please do not post one reply immediately after another in the same thread. There is an edit button, please use it. Some sections may have an exception to this rule.

No Backseat Modding
Backseat modding, also referred to as "minimodding" is when a normal member tries to enforce the rules like a moderator on the forums. Friendly reminders are okay, but do not act like a mod when you are not.

No Flaming, Bashing or Trolling
All members should respect each other at all times. We want our members to have a good experience here!

Use Common Sense
It is likely that some obvious rule will not be clarely stated in the rules, however, there are some guidelines members are expected to go by anyway!

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